Weather Station now sends Tweets!

The other night I was chatting to Paul (M0TZO) who suggested I made the weather station which I have at home send tweets automatically I thought this was a great idea and noticed that Cumulus by Sandaysoft now supports twitter. So it was just a simple task of adding a...

NOAA Geophysical Alert Message Via Twitter

Since yesterday I’ve started sending the NOAA WWV Solar flux, A & K Indexs over the micro commmunications tool Twitter using the @DXAnywhere account. The system automatically pushes out an up date every 3 hours and ten minutes.


Its been a while since I talked about DXAnywhere, so I’ve decided to post an update on the progress of the whole system, back at the start of October I gave a short presentation about DXAnywhere at the RSGB HFC at that point the system was still in Alpha mode... Beta Launch

Over the last week, we’ve (PrettyGoodProjects) been developing a web application that’s been in the planning for some time, which is a product finder site for amateur radio transmitters by answering a few options which are displayed on the screen. We recently launched...