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Join me on a journey through the airwaves with Amateur Radio


You might have guessed that I’m quite picky what ends up this website, however, I’m well known for sprouting rubbish on Twitter @2m0sql 24×7 so you might find that interesting.

Weather Station

Anyone who knows me will know I have a thing about weather, in the back garden I have a cheap WH1080 weather station connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero which uploads its data

Live Logbook

The 2M0SQL logbook is available online in real time, using my own web based logging application called Cloudlog

Recent Blog Posts

Cloudlog launching as a service

Since I (Peter Goodhall, 2M0SQL) first started Cloudlog, the most common question I always received was “Is there somewhere I can just sign up and use it”, while I always wanted to offer it in this form I never really had the infrastructure to support doing it....

August Shack Report

Suspect it came as no surprise that I have been rubbish at getting shack reports written and skipped a month or two (oops) I guess one good thing is that I have been doing radio. I'm pleased to report I'm still alive, Molly (my 1 year and 10-month old toy Yorkie)...

March Shack Report

I have decided to get back into the flow of writing monthly reports so hopefully, March gets things going, it's been a rough month, I've had quite a few health issues coming down with flu then glandular fever, which on top of all the problems knocked me a bit. However...