Pass Recorder

Pass Recorder is a small application that records audio from satellite passes based on tracking data it receives from the commonly used SatPC32 application, pass recorder will sit in the background waiting for a pass to be above 0 degrees and record the audio to a wav file which you can use for logging purposes or just for storing passes to listen to later for enjoyment.

Pass Recorder is provided free of charge, however, if you’d like to donate via PayPal it would be appreciated and helps me offset commercial time to build small tools for amateur radio usage.


You need to make sure SatPC32 has been setup for DDE this is via the DIVOptions.SQF file (Option 2 needs “+”), make sure this has been completed before starting to install Pass Recorder.

Installation of Pass Recorder is quick and easy, unzip the file and run the setup and launch the Pass Recorder application, it will load first with its settings dialogue box which you’ll need to select the input device you would like to record from.

Once this is done click save and it will return you to the main screen. Before it will record you will need to restart the application, once this is done you should see its connected and what pass and status.

Recordings are stored within the active users’ profile in Documents/Satellite Recordings, you can set your favourite cloud backup tools to access this folder or keep it for private usage.

Version 1.5 Released

15th April 2019, Pass Recorder Version 1.5 has been released, this update fixes some bugs but also adds the following

  • Select the sample rate (Allowing you to reduce the quality of recordings but improve file size)
  • Allows you to select the save location of audio files
  • Added Limited support for WXTrack

Version 2.0 Released

  • Improved memory footprint
  • Updated audio recording library
  • Added support for SatPC32ISS (Thanks to Dave M0GIW)
  • Small improvements to the user interface.

Version 2.1 Released

  • The application remembers its location on the screen.

Version 3.0 Released

  • Important: Uninstall old versions prior to using version 3.0
  • Adds the ability to save audio recordings as MP3s or WAVs
  • Adds an audio level indicator when recording.


This software is developed in my free time, while I love writing ham radio software tools it doesn’t pay the bills or buy the dogs toys! if your feeling generous this can be done via PayPal by clicking here


Current Version: