Its been a while since I talked about DXAnywhere, so I’ve decided to post an update on the progress of the whole system, back at the start of October I gave a short presentation about DXAnywhere at the RSGB HFC at that point the system was still in Alpha mode and rather buggy to say the least!

This isn’t the case any more the DX cluster system is stable and collecting spots as they come in, these are being stored in MySQL so they can be used for any purpose, which at the moment is displaying the latest spots and also providing an alerts system.

Once you have registered its possible to create an alert based on a callsign and band your wanting to work them on, once we come across the callsign in our database the system sends out an automatic email to alert you.

We’re also working on showing statistics to include data like

  • Total number of spots yearly, monthly
  • Spots on an hourly basis based on band

Apart from the cluster aspect of the system, we have a small social networking engine which allows you to create a provide and include lots of information about your ham radio activity which can be viewed by everyone, you can also become friends with other users of the system. There’s also a few other interesting features to be found once you start playing around.

What is now in early stage of development is the mobile website for DXAnywhere which can be found at which allows you to view cluster spots and setup new alerts, more features are in the pipe line.

The development doesn’t stop here though we’re activity developing more features to make DXing more enjoyable and allowing you to find information about stations easily, in the next release you’ll be able to click on the callsigns on the cluster page and it will give you details like DXCC, last time they we’re spotted, and any other details we can dig up about them, but again some of this data will need to come from other websites so we’re relying on third party API’s.

Please do go check out and feel free to use the system and tell your friends we’re always open to suggestions so either leave a comment or send me an email.