Over the last week, we’ve (PrettyGoodProjects) been developing a web application that’s been in the planning for some time, which is a product finder site for amateur radio transmitters by answering a few options which are displayed on the screen.

We recently launched the first beta of the application onto the wild, which can be found at www.pickmyrig.com there’s a very limited selection of radios currently in the database but this should start to grow over the coming weeks as we add more products.

The features should improve too with the option to add radios you to your user account so you can find them at a later point, also leave comments and give them a star rating

To keep the site running and to cover the costs we’re displaying ads on the search pages but in a non intrusive manner so we hope users will find them useful. We’re also looking to team up with amateur radio shops to provide links to buy the radios themselves

Go check it out at www.pickmyrig.com