Sadly the NOAA Weather Satellite imaging facility is offline, back on 19th Sept 2018, had a stormy day that caused some damage and bought the pole that supported it down and damaged the HF antennas on the same mast. It’s still my intentions to get this backup and running however it needs to be relocated.

I’m hoping this will be in the next couple of weeks, but probably in a much lower location as winter is rapidly approaching and things won’t get any better.

I can report however that the Airspy HF+ SDR along with wxtoimg and virtual audio cable has been working excellent up till then, I’m expecting the next version will switch the decoding system off a Windows computer and onto something Linux based with a low-cost ARM board and look forward to documenting that.

I’m seriously considering the SDRPlay RSPDuo and splitting the QFH across the two receivers so that I can decode two passes at once if there’s a pass clash, something to consider.