This last couple of days I’ve been a bit quiet on my site regarding the launch of the Funcube-1 (AO-73) satellite which launched last week by Amsat-UK / Amsat-NL, this isn’t due to lack of interest more just the fact I’ve been busy collecting telemetry and since the weekend using the transponder to try and make some QSOs!

Screenshot 2013-11-24 00.22.13

Amsat-UK has done a wonderful job with the dashboard software which can be used to decode the beacon signal and even more impressive is the fact it supports the Funcube Dongle out the box and it works a treat I’ve been leaving it running 24/7 near enough and on most passes I’ve decoded packets.

Spectrum display an AO-73 Pass

Spectrum display an AO-73 Pass

Saturday evening they switched on the transponder which proved very popular although lots of people seemed to be struggling with the Doppler shift, never the less the first person in my log was Branko 9A3ST I have to admit I was very excited! Since then I’ve been trying to work people when the satellites been in eclipse mode so far I have managed roughly 17 QSOs all around Europe.

If you haven’t already had a listen I do recommend you give it a go more information can be found at