After returning from Ham Radio 2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, I had made my mind up that I was going to replace my satellite antennas (standard Diamond yagis) that I first purchased for satellite use with X-Quads from Wimo which I order on the day I returned.

Wimo X-Quads 2m & 70cms satellite antennas

Wimo X-Quads 2m & 70cms

Sadly due to a delay it took about 3 weeks to receive them, however once they did arrive they turned out to be easy to put together and I had soon switched them with the old antennas. For now these are setup in RHCP however I do expect to build some sort of switching system to allow me to control it a bit better for LHCP too.

So far results have been good FO-29 has a lot less fading and SO-50 is a much better signal, I’m hoping this will improve more once I’ve built the switching systems for the HA8ET preamps which I picked up at Friedrichshafen.

In till then its minor tweaks like making sure they are better leveled on the boom 🙂