For the past two years a group of young radio amateurs have been going to Guernsey to operate in the IOTA Contest (MU0HTJ) and this years no exception. We’ve already started planning the trip so we’re fully aware of all the equipment and tasks needing done before hand rather than getting a surprise weeks before the events to do this we are using the fantastic tool called Trello which we can highly recommend for team activities.

Unlike previous years we are planning on having a mult station too, this of course brings its extra requirements like a 6×2 switch which none of us had so I’ve ordered a set of boards from Mike SM2WMV (SJ2W) which is going to be built up by Iain (M0PCB) in the next couple of months ready for use.

Also due to the fact that we are operating low power (100w) on generator and batteries and verticals for each band, bandpass filters can be put on the antenna side of the switch reducing the need for two sets and extra kit we need to take with us!

Outside of the contest theres plans for general HF operation, 4m and also satellites so plenty to keep us occupied 🙂

Will post more updates when I have them! in till then you can read last years report