I thought I’d share some of my plans for 2013, clearly these are tentative but I hope they will all come together but it all depends on time/money and of course health.

Travel More

This year I’m planning on doing a little more travel, this will include another trip to a Scottish Island with the Camb-Hams more info in the next couple of months but also a trip to the Ham Radio 2013 Expo in Friedrichshafen which I’m looking forward to as it will only be the third time I’ve been outside of the UK.

Also planned is a trip to Guernsey for the IOTA Contest, with the HamTests guys this is already in the planned stage and we’re all very much looking forward to going.


2012 was a little low on the serious contest efforts and I want to change this, although I took part in a few from home and WPX SSB from G6PZ there was limited major contest participation and I want to get back into it again this year so if anyone has a spare seat drop me an email.


Since the first conception of Cloudlog ( 2 years ago) its come on leaps and bounds and is now a very stable web based logging application, that can either be used standalone or with HRD version 5. Due to the change in HRD I’m now going to take Cloudlog a separate route and during 2013 we will be ditching the SQL Schema that it uses and move to our own.

The next major development is within the next couple of months, I’m planning on making a separate branch of Cloudlog that will be a fully hosted service and will be available at http://www.cloudlog.org so you might like to keep an eye on it for the launch of the beta program which will be as soon as its in a stable state.

Don’t worry though as the self-hosted version will still be fully available and near on exact same code base as the service, this should just make it more accessible.

Portable Satellite Operating

Continuing with my craze with amateur satellites, I’m planning on doing more portable work I’m slowly improving on my setup on what a was using during my summer trip to Scotland and hope to have a few additions soon which I’ll report on soon and hopefully if the weather drys up a few trials in the Garden to see if I can improve SSB portable work with the use of my Funcube dongle pro+ and laptop.

Not only these plans above but also a few speaking gigs at radio clubs and a future chapter in a radio publication, with any luck this year should be an exciting one.