September has proven to be rather hectic and sadly not when it comes to amateur radio; I’ve been plagued with on-going health issues relating to crazy amounts of general pain in the body which no one can actually figure out so now heavily doped up on medication and awaiting a referral to see a specialist.

On top of that work has been manic with lots of new projects starting or coming to an end, this of course isn’t a bad thing it allows me to make money to buy yet more gadgets and I can promise you the list is huge. Due to these things I’ve decided to cover a few things from this month as a summary post so they at least get documented!

SSB Field Day

This year my involvement in SSB was scaled back due to the health issues, but even so I helped the Oxford & DARS setup Friday and did some operating on Saturday before returning home in the evening after putting about 100 or so QSOs in the logbook.


Operating in IO91IR, Photo taken by Paul (M3JFM)

Operating in IO91IR, Photo taken by Paul (M3JFM)

Like previous years the special event station GB2CCC was being run at Christ Church, on the Saturday afternoon I went down with Dad for a look and to see Harry (G3NGX) and Alison (G8ROG), While Dad was going some HF operating I decided to jump on the up-coming AO-27 satellite pass and worked IK1RAN while in grid square IO91IR.

Amsat-UK Colloquium

For the first time ever I attended the Amsat-UK colloquium with Dad, we only went on Saturday (day 1) but it was really interesting to see the launch of the Funcube Dongle Pro Plus and meet a couple of the people I’ve worked specially Ken GW1FKY and Mark N8MH.

Other Stuff

Photo of QSL Cards (roughly 1000) to be posted

QSL Cards to be posted

Bar those events I’ve been catching up with a large amount of QSLing all 2E0SQL/2O0SQL cards have been completed and either sent direct or via the bureau as of the 01/10/2012 so these will be making there way through the network. I’ve also waiting on the 2M0SQL cards to arrive in the post and once they do I shall be printing labels and getting them off quick.