Last week bought a new addition to the radio shack in the form of a Raspberry Pi (Yay & sorry if you’re still waiting) being totally impatient I had it unboxed, and setup within 30mins running Debian which is my choice of linux operating system.

The first task I’d planned was using it to run a APRS iGate from home so using apt-get install xastir and configuring it to work with the Foxdelta Foxview3 output I had a it running without any issue and its been running non stop since listening away and gating anyone its heard.

Clearly this is hardly the only task you could easily run all your AX.25 needs using this little ARM based unit and it no doubt has other functions basic logging within the shack being just another then its the possibilities like further automating things around the shack and allowing remote access to stuff I’m sure all which i will explore in the coming weeks.