During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying my hand and building some mobile applications for the Android platform. I actually took the easy route and used the PhoneGap software development kit, that allows you to build applications in HTML, CSS and Javascript which I’m more than comfortable writing.

My first dabble has been a DXCC lookup tool which couldn’t be simpler type a callsign or part of one and it will return country, itu & cq zone. Since the 15th of April when the application went live it’s been installed 443 times and grows roughly 20 installs per day but I suspect that will start to fall as the month’s progress. Even so it’s nice to see mobile users installing the application and where they’re from the top countries do seem to be the USA & UK, but other countries are on the rise so be interesting to see if anyone overtakes!

Graph of DXCC App Active Installs

DXCC App Active Installs

I also released a second application yesterday Antenna Calculator which supports you when building Half-wave dipoles, 5/8 wave verticals, 1 Wavelength Loops, Delta Loops. Since its release yesterday its been downloaded 15 times without any promotion.

During the coming months I’m planning on releasing updates for these applications and releasing some brand new ones which I hope will of use to the hobby.