Paul (G6PZ) Operating

Call: G6PZ
Operator(s): G6PZ, 2E0SQL, IZ1LBG, M0CLW, VA7AM
Station: G6PZ
Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Somerset
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs
160: 118
80: 515
40: 1286
20: 2034
15: 1232
10: 229
Total: 5413 Prefixes = 1405 Total Score = 20,056,375



As usual, many thanks to Paul, G6PZ and his XYL Jo for the usual fantastic

First time G6PZ effort in M/2 and we had a blast!

We were quite a young team, with three of the full-time team being members of
the Worldwide Young Contesters…

Good weather, good fun and lack of voices now!

Equipment used:

2 x IC-7700
2 x ACOM 2000 amplifiers

4/4el SteppIR stack
4el MonstIR
4sq for 80m
Vertical for 160m
No receive antennas

73, team G6PZ

More photos can be found at