During the day of Wow!How? 2012 at the Oxford University Museum, the Oxford & District Amateur Radio Society ran a special event station (GB4WOW). Outside the museum all day for the family science event. We had a impressive looking setup as well, with the clubs 60ft crankup trailer mast with a Cushcraft A4S on the front lawn and the operating tent.

Inside our tent we had a HF station setup using a Kenwood TS-590S operating on 20-15-10m, for the next event we’ll be definitely making sure we have access to 40m. We also had another laptop + external running SDR-Console which seemed popular.

Plus the operating setup we had morse keys for the children to tap out messages and a display board with QSOs pinned to it (Some what low tech but worked) and a display of amateur radio material from the RSGB.

Over the day we made about 60 QSOs about half and half was SSB/CW, we did however struggle with the constant S9 of QRM from the local university buildings!