Since Boxing Day I’ve been igating local APRS packets (Thanks to Santa bringing a serial to usb converter!) which is filling in the hole that is Oxford. To do this I’m using a Yaesu FT-7800 and a Diamond V-2000 co-linear (perched at 27 feet) and the Foxview which Dad got a while back in the summer. Software wise I’m using APRSIS32 in text mode which works OK only problem is the fact that I can’t use the program to beacon or send messages via RF but I can live with that for now (If anyone knows how to get it transmit please leave a comment!).

Since the 27th of December reports that I’ve digi’d 13 stations and the coverage seems to be Banbury in the North, Abingdon in the south, Burford in the West and out to Stokenchurch in the East so roughly 20miles in each direction which covers exactly what I wanted to do which was get some decent coverage for Oxford.

The next thing I’m wondering about doing is applying for a notice of variation so I can leave it running and RF digi’ing so during the next few weeks I’ll be looking at the paperwork and seeing what that involves. But for the time being will have it running when I’m in the Office and the PCs on.