Its that time of year again when I look back at what I set out to achieve but didn’t quite manage; Thankfully I did manage to do a lot of what I set  activity on 6/2/70cms is increased and I’ve made numerous QSOs on each of the bands, the only thing that didn’t happen was the Advanced exam and I won’t bore you with reasons why.

Belows some highlights

Building a Satellite Ground Station

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll have seen at the start of the year I got a satellite ground station sorted out at the QTH with an ICOM IC-910HX, Rotator and Yagis, much to the disapproval of my bank account! but its been a ball and I’m looking forward to operating some of the new satellites that are due to launch this year.

GS3PYE/P on Isle of Arran

In May I was fortunate to join the Camb-Hams on a trip the the Isle of Arran to operate for a period of one week, this has got to be one of the highlights of the year as it included lots of radio (9100 QSOs) and great company.


Cloudlog started out as a project to allow me to access my Ham Radio Deluxe logbook anywhere, after a few weeks it developed into a nearly fully fledged php web application that anyone can download. Best of all development still continues on a daily basis and its open source and will stay that way!

2011 will bring new mobile features and hopefully some basic QSLing functions.

DXCC Mixed

In November I applied for DXCC 100 Mixed on the using the LoTW system.


Major contests which I took part in were SSB Field Day as G8PX/P results showed that we came 5th out of 15 entries in the open section and also CQWW SSB at G6PZ where we hope we set a record or two.

What’s coming in 2012?

  • Trip to the Isle of Mull with the Camb-Hams.
  • More contests! I’ll be taking part in ARRL RTTY Roundup coming up this weekend to start this goal off.
  • Try make a QSO every day, I seem to manage this well only missed a couple of days in 2011
  • More blog posts about activities around the shack.
  • Try some new modes (open to suggestions)