Last weekend I decided to have a little dabble in the WAE RTTY Contest, this wasn’t a serious effort; more a have a play and see what could be added to my logbook. Doing a little bit of search and pounce and in the end called CQ a few times, but only got very short runs on 20 and 80m (the only QSOs on the band).

I found conditions hard going, but they didn’t look any different to the usual averages; so I’m guessing this was purely related to the antennas 1/2 G5RV and a 80m quarter wave L and the 50w from the Yaesu FT-950 none the less I had fun. This was also the first contest where I used Win-Test, for the whole operation with MMTTY and it worked pretty much flawlessly. Only one issue where clicking on the DX Cluster spots; it would switch the rig to LSB which got very annoying, but this was down to operating in AFSK I believe.

Total operating time was 7 hours 26 minutes according to Win-Test, and I can report some reasonable stuff worked including Japan and Mexico and lots of North America (All bands but 80m!) ending up with 200 QSOs.


   80    14   0    5     0      14  1.00
   40    55   0   21     0      55  1.00
   20    83   0   34     0      83  1.00
   15    18   0   13     0      18  1.00
   10    30   0   16     0      30  1.00
TOTAL   200   0  209     0     200  1.00
          TOTAL SCORE : 41 800