Last night was the monthly leg of the 144MHz (2m) UKAC, these normally fall on a radio club night but after spending 3 hours at the eye hospital being poked and prodded (BINGO), I didn’t really feel like going out again so had more time than normal to work stations in the contest.

Just before the start I decided to have a tune across the band and found Chris (G7IVF) having some pre-contest QSOs so had a quick chat; I then found Mike (G6RC) in Crawley and had a really nice chat with him till the start of the contest and he was QSO number 001.

Screenshot of QRAs worked

Conditions for the whole period of the contest seemed worst then normal and lots of people in IO91 square were saying similar, but was able to work IO90, IO91, IO92 , IO80, IO82, JO02, JO03 also heard a few stations in Ireland, Netherlands who were weak and a French station off the back of the beam who also seemed to be giving away points!

At the end of the contest I managed 25 QSOs, best DX was G4DEZ at 111miles but I’m pleased with that it’s an improvement from previous sessions.

Equipment: ICOM IC-910HX, 5el Diamond Yagi and Win-Test for logging.