Since being back from the Isle of Arran I’ve been doing a lot of APRS via the ISS, we used APRS while traveling and it was a useful tool for knowing where everyone was and I’ve sort of become hooked just wish there was more activity on 144.800 in the Oxfordshire area anyone? what I’ve done though is ordered a Foxdelta Tracker which will hopefully arrive soon and I’ll be able to use that while out and about walking/cycling will post more about that once it arrives.

APRS RX iGate used on the Ferry to Arran

Anyways so I’ve been doing APRS using the ICOM IC-910H and the AGW Packet Engine plus an external creative usb sound-card, at first it didn’t work too well but after tweaking the audio settings it started decoding and now works on every pass! for decoding and receiving packets I’ve been using UISS the program is simple and works well with the AGW Packet Engine DDE interface so that suites me fine!

Below are two screenshots of packets received some stations on Sunday

I’ve also had my first contacts on the African SO-67 satellite, normally I miss when then the satellites been turned on over Europe but this time I’ve been on the ball so far worked 9A2EY, UR5BFX, SQ9JYL, F0FVK, I’m impressed by the signal strength of the satellite too far better then any of the other FM satellites I’ve heard!