So I’ve started the process of dealing with Ofcom regarding a interference noise problem which has started locally within the last month which spreads from 3.5MHz to 145MHz it peaks at its worst around 14MHz making the band pretty unusable.

Noise seems to last between 20secs to 2 minutes and with a break of 25secs to a minute apart and is there regardless of the time of day, and isn’t coming from our QTH that I can find (still there after turning the power off!) and seems worse when you beam North to South East which is in the general direction of a College and its many buildings!

I was a bit unsure how to proceed so after a trip to ENT for a checkup (Went well, bit deaf but infections gone) I called Ofcom and spoke to a nice chap who explained how to proceed using the forms on the website and once I’d done that an assigned engineer should be in touch within 48hours so the wait starts!

I’ll document the process a it proceeds!