After reading about the Envi-Ham Project in The Group for Earth Observation Journal and plenty of emails about it on weather satellite newsgroups I decided to send the ESA an email and ask about joining the project myself, this turned out to be a very simple process involving filling out an agreement form and emailing it back as a PDF plus sending a paper-copy.

I did this on Monday and by the end of the day my application was accepted and I was sent further details on how to access the Envisat Images which are sent via DVB data stream from Eutelsat W2A at 10º East, my plan is due to the one degree separation between it and Eurobird 9A which Eumetcast uses I should be able to use the same dish.

I’m currently waiting for a second DVB World DVB-S USB2102 to arrive in the post then, I should be in receiving images very soon..

Info about Envi-Sat can be found at

Note (16/12/12): Sadly the Envisat service is no longer available 🙁