Theres been quiet a bit of chatter in the press and on social media about JT65-HF at first I didn’t take to much notice but having gotten a bit bored with PSK31, I thought I’d give it a go and see what  could work. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical at first but decided to take the open minded approach.

After getting the software setup which didn’t seem to decode at first but after installing better NTP syncing software I was in business and it started to decode signals, first being KA1ERL calling CQ on 20m and we managed a contact using 15watts into the 80m windom not bad! but things then got a bit more interesting when I worked VK6BN on 40m around 9pm since then I’ve been hooked worked quite a few new DXCCs!

These include

  • Lots of NA on 20/40/80m
  • Greenland on 40m
  • VE9DX on 80m
  • Plenty of Europe

So if you’ve been putting off having a go, I’d highly recommend it!