So I completed my first week of satellite communications with the new set of antennas and all I can say is WoW! there’s definitly something a bit incredible about working a floating repeater which sometimes isn’t much bigger then the rotator controller box on my desk.

During the week I’ve been trying my hand at all the FM satellites I found these are AO-27, SO-50 & AO-51 out of all of them I prefer the less crowded AO-27 & SO-50 maybe because there not as easy to use as AO-51 but one things for sure there less manic!

On average I’ve been having about 4 QSOs a day, on Thursday I didn’t manage any for a mix of reasons but every other day there’s been a steady amount of QSOs going in the logbook covering a mixed selection of DXCCs around Europe which I’m finding rather enjoyable.

During the current week I’m hoping to try a QSO via one of the SSB satellites using the FT817 for TX and the Funcube Dongle for RX we’ll have to see how that pans out though.

You can see the last 20 QSOs in the logbook here