While at the RSGB Convention I had a nice surprise by the way of a present from Dad (M3JFM) who bought be a copy of the ARRL Remote Operating for Amateur Radio book, which I’d been considering buying since reading the review in Radcom.

Its been an interesting read the first few chapters look at some of the basics of setting it up like understanding TCP/IP and hardware that might be required for certain tasks like rotator control. It then goes on to explain about the different types of VOIP applications you can use to hear the remote audio like Skype & IPRemote it even touches on Echolink although not really sure how that links in with remote controlling ones station.

The book then goes on to cover the software you can use to remote control the station HRD, TRX-Manager and how to link in rotators, morse keys and operate digital modes somewhat briefly, in the final chapter it gives some circuit diagrams for CAT and how to make a simple digital interface.


The ARRL Remote Operating for Amateur Radio book is a very good introduction to remote station linking and covers they basics you’ll need to understand to get a simple station going, if your not from the USA the legal stuff isn’t relevant so refer to local licensing terms and conditions.