Its been 2 weeks since the annual CQWW SSB contest, and like last year I made the trip town to Pauls (G6PZ)’s station at Eastertown just outside Weston super-mare. I’d been looking forward to the contest for weeks and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably remember me going on about it an awful lot.


So Friday came and I made the my way down to the station, for once the train actually ran like clock work and I made every connection and arrived early much to the surprise of Simon (M0CLW) who was kind enough to pick me up from Weston super-mare train station, we then made the final short drive to the station.


On arrival at the station Paul had done a fantastic job at getting everything ready and very little antenna work needed done just finish guying the 160m center loaded vertical and setup Win-Test on the laptops, so we had plenty time for a chat before the contest started. Conditions over the weekend were somewhat variable at best but non the less we made the most of it and made a serious entry plus had lots of fun! everything worked great specially the 160m vertical and the 4 square for 80m, 20m didn’t seem awful great nor did 40m at times but maybe with conditions on the mend things will get back to normal.


Sorry for a bit of a poor review this year works been a bit too busy this since the contest! I’ll try better next time!

3830 Summary

Call: G6PZ
Operator(s): G6PZ 2E0CVN 2E0SQL GI0RTN M0CLW WJ6O
Station: G6PZ

Class: M/S HP
QTH: SW England
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  332    13       62
   80:  695    26      103
   40:  842    34      119
   20:  953    38      129
   15: 1491    38      138
   10:   90    21       62
Total: 4403   170      613  Total Score = 7,689,843