I finally got round to putting the MP1 Chapstick together and giving it a whirl on Monday, setting it up was easy using the tripod legs to keep it off the grass in the back garden for this test I decided just to run it into the shack using the coax we normally use for the 80m Inverted L.

MP1 Chapstick

After connecting it up I first used it on the Yaesu FT950 and about 40watts before connecting it up onto the FT817, but I was impressed with the results from both radios working round Europe without too much problem (OK it was easier with the extra power but still just as fun with <5 Watts!)

I managed to work

  • DL4ME (PSK31)
  • R3FO (PSK31)
  • DB2CTM (PSK63)
  • OE50AMRS (SSB)
  • UA2FR (SSB)

I’ve not managed to try the 80m coil out but I’m sure its fine! looking forward to taking it with me to grans in December, just have to hope I get some reasonably dry weather to get out with it!