Being as its now officially the end of January I thought I’d share some feedback on how I’m getting on with my goals for this year. I guess at this point I should be coming up with some good excuses but I can’t think of any and I’ve not done so well.

I’ve yet to seriously start revising for the Advance amateur radio exam but the Harwell ARS Rally is coming up this month, and I’m hoping I can kick start it then by purchasing the latest edition of the training book, my plan then is to write up my notes as blog posts and stick them up here.. I guess we’ll see how this works out at the end of February.

I have started on learning CW using, but struggling slightly as I find after I get to about lesson 6-7 and more letters/numbers are introduced they all merge together in my head and it confuses the heck out of me, it’s something I’m sure I will overcome in time.

My targets for 1 QSO a day was for me optimistic, some weeks I’ve managed to get on lots and others I’ve failed miserably  I can report I’ve made 230 QSOs which to me seems like a small amount and I want to improve on it. Maybe with some improved sunspot numbers it will help?

So let’s hope February can set me on the right track.