As we move into another year I’ve decided to set myself some goals to give me some focus, I hope I can achieve them and I’ll keep everyone regularly updated.

Revise and sit Advance Exam

After sitting the Intermediate exam at the RSGB Convention back in October 2009, I’m feeling keener then ever to finally take the last step to get a Advance (Full) UK amateur radio licence. I know from others that its quite a lot to learn and remember but I’m willing to give it a go and try and sit the exam at the 2010 RSGB Convention. this gives me 10 months to soak in all the information and swat up on my math skills.

Step 1: buy the revision book!

Learn Morse Code

Finally learning the code is something I want to do, and the guys down at G6PZ keep telling me to sort it out so I can take part in the CW Contests with them.

1 QSO Per Day Target

Last year my QSO number wasn’t that great outside of contests so this year I want to make at least 1 QSO per day every day so that’s a minimum of 365 QSOs personally I’m hoping to do more then that plus contest activity, it would be well into the thousands..

Launch has been plagued with issues from the start mostly caused my Ofcom revoking the application process to access UK Callbook data and never doing anything more about it. I’m keen as ever to start this project and I’m going to be looking further into gaining the information from Ofcom and also including a number of other countries around Europe (If anyone has sources please let me know).

This will be no doubt a long process but I’m willing to give it another go, I can only hope Ofcom has a change of attitude in the coming months.