After getting my upgraded licence and callsign at the start of the week, I thought this would be a good contest to give it a proper airing, though I didn’t put in a full time effort I managed around 7 hours in the shack doing some search and pounce.

Conditions overall seemed reasonable considering the lack of sunspots, but still managed to work some decent stuff including JS3 & E21 on 20m, ZS2 on 15m, which was an improvement over last year when I didn’t work any JA what so ever.

What I did find with this contest was that I got a lot of “AGN” whether this was because I wasn’t in the SCP database or they didn’t quite believe the callsign I don’t know time will sure tell though.

Sadly I didn’t work anything on 80m, I did hear a lot of stations but for some reason people just couldn’t hear me, so most of the QSOs are on 20/40m with a couple on 15m.

Break down can be found below

   80     0   0    0       0  0.00
   40    39   0   20      86  2.21
   20   126   0   36     287  2.28
   15    11   0    4      24  2.18
   10     0   0    0       0  0.00
TOTAL   176   0   60     397  2.26
       TOTAL SCORE : 23 820