Its been 2 years since I touched the code base of PickMyRig, the original system was heavy based on a script I had written in Prolog back while I was in University then ported to PHP and the user interface was very quickly put together to get a working concept then left it alone.

So this last 3 weeks I spent some considerable time giving it a major overhaul, first up was the interface which was somewhat lacking making sure that the search features are always visible regardless of the page the visitor was currently on also the new design makes it look far more professional.

I also improved the search results display and each item now also has a product page giving a much more through overview at what the radio can do all the images displayed are from Flickr using their very comprehensive API there’s still some tweaking to be done on this but its a much better solution then uploading a photo of the radio onto our system.

The main logic behind the site is still very much the same just with a few minor tweaks, the major parts which have been added is the users ability to submit radios which are missing (after all there’s 1000s so can’t please everyone) and for us running the site everything is editable within just a few clicks of a button.

What I’m wanting to do next is link to amateur radio shop websites to help the user long in their purchase, this is still in being planned but if any radio shops are reading this drop me a email/comment.

I hope that all the changes will make it a much more enjoyable experience and allow new and current radio amateurs to find a radio suitable for them.

Go check it out