After reconnecting up the weather satellite receiver (RX2) and connecting it up to the Diamond V2000 vertical to decode the NOAA APT satellite passes it was finally time to put a dedicated antenna back up, in the form of a quadrifilar helicoidal antenna (QFH) this antenna hasn’t been used in about 4 years so I was surprised it worked perfectly. the results from using the V2000 weren’t that bad it would decode passes just below Iceland down to the top of Spain.

QFH Weather Satellite Antenna

With the QFH its decoding from well above the top of Iceland all the way down to Algeria, and best of all the images are mostly noise free. the antenna is only about 10 feet off the ground attached to the rose arch in the garden.

You can have a look at the images at their uploaded a couple of minutes after each pass automatically by the software.