At the last Kempton Radio Rally M3JFM picked up one of the MyDel WX2008MK11 weather stations from Martin Lynch and Son, for the reasonable price of £79.95. Inside the box it came with

  • 23 x 14.5 x 3.5cm LCD touch screen extra-bright illuminated and monitor
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Wind direction sensor
  • Rain gauge
  • Outside temperature / humidity sensor with transmit module
  • Cable harness to connect sensors to transmitter
  • Mounting arms for sensors and hardware
  • Short stub mounting mast
  • USB Cable

On arriving home the sensors we’re connected up and Terry G0LUQ and myself placed them on top of our biggest mast in the garden at around 26ft, as they are all wireless it was just a matter of switching on the LCD touch screen and letting it start communicating with the sensors 30ft away.

The sensors seem to provide correct reasonably correct data and how with it logging all the time we’re starting to see trends in the data collected.

Once this was done and data was being displayed, it was time to give the software easyweather a go which was supplied on CD, on first install it was fine but after leaving it a while it was clear that it had bugs and an obvious one was memory leaks.

One downside of the supplied software as also the fact it didn’t allow you to do anything with the data apart from providing a .dat file which was similar in looks to a CSV file with all the data included. What i really wanted to do was get all this data online so I can monitor it anywhere i feel like after searching around on Google I came across a program called Cumulus by Sandysoft.

Which works just like easyweather just with less bugs and what I’d say was a nicer user interface, what was most important though was the fact it included the option to upload the data from the weather station to a website using FTP.

Our page can be found at this is updated very 5 minutes normally apart from when its a contest weekend and the software might not be running.