Today turned out to be rather interesting, upon getting up Dad (M3JFM) informed me that there was a ISS pass at around 11:30 UTC, so armed with my Olympus DM-20 digital voice recorder I headed into the shack to record the pass using the FT-7800 and V2000 vertical again. I took the audio out of the speaker jack and put it right into the recorder and left it to record what ever it received

Mean while Dad set out to listen for the ISS using his VX150 handheld and a SOTA 2m 3el beam, to our surprise this time it wasn’t transmitting SSTV but was being manned by one the guys on board! perhaps if I knew before hand I might have tried to get a QSO!

The audio file will be here soon!

After about 6 minutes the pass was over but we had a blast receiving 🙂 We then caught a later pass around at around 13:48 this time round it was SSTV so after the audio was recorded we fed the audio back into Dads laptop and using HRDs DM780 SSTV decoder we got the following two pictures.

NA1SS 2008-10-18 1348

NA1SS 2008-10-18 1352