After not turning on the radio yesterday today I tried to make an extra effort to actually have a few contacts on HF, after turning the radio on and going to 20m I noticed there was a lot of short path I could hear good into Ireland and could hear signals only 30miles away. Then after a bit the conditions seemed to completely change and I could easily hear into Asia.

Thus today’s 13 contacts where

  • Ireland (SSB)
  • Netherlands (SSB)
  • Norway (SSB)
  • Serbia (RTTY)
  • Sweden (RTTY)
  • Thailand (RTTY)
  • India (RTTY)
  • Poland (PSK31)
  • Germany (PSK31)
  • Ukraine (PSK31)
  • Azerbaijan (PSK31)

Some of the digital qsos have been plotted on the map below

19th Jun Stations Worked