I’ve been sat wondering whether or not to post this all day, because of the fact I kept thinking of the negatives of what might happen this being failing the exam. But I’ve decided to go ahead with my idea of blogging my experience in taking the plunge to upgrade my amateur radio license

I better fill in some background gained my foundation license back in February 2002, when it first got launched by the Radio Communications Agency (Now Office of Communications) I took the training course with the Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society and at that time Alan G4PSU was leading the course.

I was 14 years old, and I can clearly remembering being worried about the whole weekend and the failing aspect, but to my delight I passed along with my Dad, as we were one of the first to gain a foundation licence we where lucky enough to be able to pick a callsign! I decided to go with M3PHP and Dad decided to pick M3JFM and I’ve pulled his leg for picking that ever since, saying it’s so he can’t forget it! As its January, February, March.

In the 6 years I’ve learned lots about operating, building antennas with the help of local radio amateurs. I guess my Elmer was Barry (G4AZN) who was always there to offer encouragement and advice and still is to this very day! (Thank you Barry 🙂 )

Looking back I think its now time to take the next progressive step and upgrade my licence to what is the Intermediate Licence, first thoughts are that I’ll fail and make an utter fool out of myself, but I think its time to overcome the fear and do it!

I’m not sure when I’ll be taking the actual exam I guess it depends when I feel I’m ready but I’m setting myself a deadline of doing it before the end of 2008 I hope this isn’t unachievable. I’ll be blogging about what I’m learning about on a weekly basis, with my thoughts and most likely asking for suggestions’ along the way. Many will think its utter pointless and sad but I think it might prove useful to others who are thinking about upgrading.