I’ve been thinking about writing about this for sometime but I kept pushing it to one side, there’s two main ways of doing electronic QSLing first on the scene was eQSL which provides a web based interface where you can send “photo” QSL cards to other members of the service.

The three things I like most about eQSL:

  1. Its 100% free to use, but to upload a custom picture requires a donation of a small amount.
  2. You send the other person a picture QSL card, resembles the old school paper method.
  3. To become “guaranteed” or “AG” status all you do is upload a copy of your licence simple.

OK from a design point of view I think eQSL.cc is rather ugly but this can be improved upon and isn’t exactly the end of the world, and I use eQSL a lot and make an effort to upload my log to this service every month or if its digital contacts these get sent automatically at the end of each QSO.

The downside of eQSL is that it’s not accepted for major awards from ARRL or RSGB but that’s, not too much of a problem for me not interested in it.

Next came Logbook of the World from the ARRL, to be honest I’ve hated the system from day one I think the security aspects of it is over the top, main issue being I’m not sending a photocopy of my licence and some other piece of paper to backup who I am like a passport via surface mail, I’ve had no end of problems with the mail system within the United Kingdom with things being stolen even when I’ve paid the extra to track the item and items I’ve sent never arriving at the destination.

Also requiring a certificate similar those used for the internet transactions is a bit of a joke, does sending confirmation for a contact need to be that secure? Or is it just a bit over the top? LoTW is accepted by the ARRL for awards to my knowledge unlike eQSL’s so that’s a bonus I guess.

Maybe it’s just me? I’ll be sticking to eQSL and paper cards!