I know in earlier posts I wanted to make a couple of contacts every day, although this hasn’t happened in reality. During the last couple of days, I’ve managed to put in some hours on the bands and even worked a few new DXCCs by doing some digital mode work on 30m which I’ve never really done.

Christmas Eve I managed 24 contacts this broke down in the following way

  • 8 contacts on 40m
  • 7 contacts on 20m
  • 9 contacts on 30m

Which wasn’t too bad going, Christmas day was busy and I found the bands not so busy no doubt everyone was unwrapping presents and eating and drinking lots, I did manage though to work 2 people on 30m PSK31.

I do hope to make a few more contacts before returning back to university during the second week in January, to finish up the first semester. Then start a whole new set of modules, I’ve added a Christmas Holiday QSO count to the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.