Finally we’ve broken up at University for the Christmas holidays, the last month is been manic trying to finish assignments and meet deadlines for my final year project (check out for info) but made thankfully.

This evening I managed to turn the radio on and have a listen! 20m seemed pretty dead so decided to pop down to 40m and see if anything was happening on the digital modes section on the band, once I found a spot I stayed there for an hour working

  1. IK0VZU
  2. OK1KM
  3. LY2BCL
  4. F4CUI
  5. DJ2HB
  6. IZ1GZO
  7. YO8RFJ
  8. IZ2LSP
  9. IV3MIE
  10. YO4RST

All on PSK31, and I have to say I enjoyed it to bits!, My plan is over the next couple of weeks while I’m off is to spent at least one hour in front of the rig. I’ll try to post daily updates here saying what I’ve been working.

In till tomorrow stay tuned!