This weekend has probably been one of the busiest for radio clubs, last year I took part in SSB field day with the Oxford & D.A.R.S staying the whole duration of the weekend. But this year due to health this wasn’t a viable option, also I’m due to have a cornea eye transplant on my left eye 1st October so I’m keen to stay well this month.

Instead I helped setup the antennas on Friday, A4S beam, 80/40m Dipoles and a top fed 40m loop we also erected the operating and cook tents. On Saturday I decided to go out for a cycle and ended up at the field day site at 13:00 UK time and the guys where just finishing setting up, contest started and propagation seemed poor we could hear people but couldn’t bust the pile ups or get a decent runs! At 5 a clock I headed home, round trip was just under 30miles.

Once home I decided to see what I could hear on the bands and likewise found conditions poor but managed to work around 20q’s before giving up and calling it a night.

Note: sorry for lack of photos forgot to take my digital camera.