I’ve not posted a lot of news about hamtests.co.uk in a while now so I thought it might be a good idea just to post a short update on how things are going and how Paul (2E0TZO) and I have improved things the last couple of months.

The system has been completely designed from the ground up the question system we had been using since the launch of the site really wasn’t up to the job so we started looking into new systems to use which ranged from free to well over $600.

But as hamtests.co.uk is run as a free service to the amateur radio community it was completely out of the question getting a system at $600 so we decided to use the free option which was to use moodle which is used a lot by Schools and Universities around the world (if its good enough for them surely its good enough for us!).

We spent the next month or so customizing to look just the way we wanted it and also added all the questions to the system including now all licence levels in the United Kingdom.

One month later we’ve finished the system and its now implemented and running on the live service for people to use, and I really recommend you go check it out!