Well after operating at GB150VC on saturday (24th june) I decided I really needed to get onto six meters so on sunday afternoon (missed the morning as I slept it away) I asked my mum if she wouldnt mind helping me take down the 70cms antenna and change it for a 2 element wirebeam for six meters.

I was luckly enough to find she seemed pretty okay with the idea and helped me lower the pole and change the antennas over which went pretty smoothly and we soon had the beam up in the air. I connected the coax into the ICOM IC-706MKIIG and was surpised to hear EG6CC calling CQ and I quickly gave him a shout and he came back and gave me a 55 report not bad i thought for the first qso!

Lets just hope over the next few months I can make a few more qsos, its VHF field day this weekend so might be able to add a few more squares to the logbook.

(picture coming soon, when it stops raining)