Normally when using PSK31 I use the station computer but of late i’ve found its acting rather sluggish when ever you try and do something with it, so as it was a lovely day here in oxford (27C!)

I decided to give my laptop a go, setup was simple just had to install the drivers for my USB -> Serial adpter plugin all the leads and download a application of my choice which was MixW.

My first contact was with a russian station who gave me a nice signal report and told me that my imd was fine and I wasnt wiping the band out, after this i made a total of 19 qsos mixed in with some RTTY.

My laptops a Sony Vaio 17″ widescreen which i normally just use for university work and playing around on but it looks like it will become a useful tool in the shack! its so nice having lots of screen space to show the cluster etc.