Unlike pervious years where i’ve operated this contest from home using wires and low power at GB200T I was asked if i’d like to join the CVRS team operating M8C of course I jumped at the chance!

Few days before the contest I went and got my train ticket from Oxford to Dartford ready for leaving early saturday morning because I had lectures at university till late friday evening.

The week soon went and it was finaly time to leave for Dartford! getting on the 07:00 train to london, crossing london arriving in Dartford around 09:20, as I’ve never visited Dartford before from the train station I was completely lost at finding where abouts the contest station was thankfully technology pulled though and a quick phone call to Simon (m3cvn) so passed me on to Dave (G4BUO) to give me directions to the site.

After about a 3 mile walk i’d arrived and within no time at all operating the fantastic station.

Front: Me, M3PHP operating on 15m, Back: Bob M3RCV operating on 20m.

Both stations using FT1000MP’s and amps and the rx station also running a FT1000MP.

The Team:

Antenna Setup at M8C

Looking back at the weekend it was great fun, nice running decent power, antennas and being able to get a great rate! pile ups at times where complete madness and like normal usual lids trying to take freq’s just because there wasnt a gap!

If only I could have a big beam and a quad at home!