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Find me on APRS

Find 2M0SQL via APRS, you might even be lucky to find him out cycling.

Its normally only on during the summer or when I jump packets through a spacecraft but hey you never know!

Monitor HF Noise Floor

We have a Sentinel HF SDR noise measurement receiver running 24/7 connected to an active antenna monitoring the HF noise floor. (Currently Offline)

NOAA Satellite Images

At the station, we are constantly receiving 137MHz APT/LRPT weather satellite images using a full SDR system.

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Weather Station

Anyone who knows me will know I have a thing about weather, in the back garden I have a cheap WH1080 weather station connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero which uploads its data and tweets every 30 mins.

Live Logbook

The 2M0SQL logbook is available online in real time, using my own web based logging application called Cloudlog


You might have guessed that I’m quite picky what ends up this website, however, I’m well known for sprouting rubbish on Twitter @2m0sql 24×7 so you might find that interesting.

Recent Blog Posts


AMSAT Antenna Upgrades

Like with any amateur radio station the equipment and antennas are always in a state of flux, with constant improvements being wanted to seek out that bit of DX or dB advantage. With satellites it’s no different you always want that extra bit of signal to work that...

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Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol contact Tim Peake

Today the Oasis Academy in Brightstowe, Bristol carried out their ARISS Contact with Tim Peake onboard the ISS at 14:23, the contact seemed to go as planned including Tim using the HamTV equipment again. Using the usual satellite equipment I received the contact from...

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Royal Masonic School For Girls contact Tim Peake

on the 11th Feb 2016, students from the Royal Masonic School For Girls in Rickmansworth carried out a scheduled ARISS contact with Tim Peake onboard the ISS, this contact was also the first where Tim Peake turned on and used the HamTV equipment. The official video...

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Tim Peake completes first school contact

This morning at 8:47am Tim Peake took part in his first ARISS school contact with the Sandringham School in St Albans as part of the Principia mission. Tim seemed to handle his first ISS Contact well although there appeared to be some problems with the school hearing...

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Amateur Radio: A Hobby for the 21st Century

The RSGB recently commissioned a film to be made by TX Factor to promote Amateur Radio in the 21st Century in a form that would interest youth, I guess it's hard to tell if it will achieve its objective so early on but one can hope, it certainly shows a wide range of...

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