9 QSOs in 50MHz UKAC

I’ve just stopped having a quick dabble in the RSGB UKAC 50MHz contest, I honestly wasn’t expecting to work much using the FT950 + 80m but thought what the heck and had a tune around, although not hearing an awful lot was still good fun and past the time!...

12:00 UTC ISS (OR4ISS) Pass Failed QSO with SP7POS

Due to the fact SP7POS was due to have a sheduled QSO with OR4ISS this lunch time I thought, I decided to have a listen sadly the QSO attempt failed but managed to record most of the pass. Audio File for OR4ISS calling SP7POS
ISS APRS Packet 12:38 Pass!

ISS APRS Packet 12:38 Pass!

Today I finally managed to get some APRS packets through the ISS, this was helped somewhat by Dad (M3JFM) hand steering the Sota 2m 3 element beam and me shouting the odd direction. Equipment Yaesu FT-817 Sota Beam 3 Elements Signalink USB Software: AGW Packet Engine,...


This weekend I did a S&P effort in the ARRL RTTY Roundup with the aim of just having some fun, Saturday night 20m was poor only worked a couple of stations then the band faded out so spent a few hours on 40/80m before going to bed I did manage to work 2 NA...


Decided to have a dabble in the RSGB AFS CW contest this afternoon, I will admit I did use MixW to take care of some of the decoding although I was picking up the odd letter! Total QSOs: 43 Equipment: Yaesu FT950, 80m Quarter Wave Inverted L , MixW