There seems to be a large amount of negativity with a select few radio amateurs who seem to spend all their time bashing social media, but what becomes apparent is their total lack of understanding of what social media actually is which is quite simply content created by people this could be text, video or photographs using accessible publishing technologies.

This new buzz word is nothing new its been around since the early days of the internet, and is common place on a lot of the most visited amateur radio websites including the likes of and, I’m of course referring to the simple forums which lots of these nay sayers are criticising saying its killing amateur radio when people should get on the air and hold a QSO.

But what they don’t seem to understand is they’re already using it, just by posting there messages on the likes of eHam or QRZ, of course social media is rapidly changing with the tools like Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and heaven forbid MySpace. but what these people need to think is how can these tools be used in conjunction with amateur radio whether its for talking about the hobby they enjoy and at the same time giving it PR which amateur radio needs to generate future hams to carry on the hobby.

Its worth stopping and remembering that the internet’s social media platform will not kill amateur radio, it can only help drum up interest from the wider world. What will do harm is the poor attitude that this small¬† minority spread around the internet with little more then elitist views.