Easter holiday has drawn to a close and I’ve returned back to University to finish up my 2nd year, I’ve got lots of assignments due and one exam coming up but all in all I’m looking forward to finishing. Sunday 15th April I went along to the Kempton Radio Rally with Ken (M1SLH), Barry (G4AZN) & my Dad (M3JFM). I didn’t really need anything particular but in the end picked up

  • 100 TDK CDRs
  • Contesting in Africa (Book)

Managed to meet up with Paul (M0TZO) and we managed to come up with a super plan for DXAnywhere and we’re looking at launching it well before August 2007 if all goes to plan, also saw Simon (2E0CVN) Bob (M3RCV), Dave (G4BUO) and lots of others (Sorry: I’ve not listed everyone!).

On arriving home I decided to turn the radio on and see if I could work something and low and behold I managed to work a lot of Europeans but also to my amazement VK3AMA came back to my CQ call! I was so surprised I was really sure the callsign was incorrect!

Since then I’ve not been on the air due to finishing off university work but at the end of the month I’m helping with the special event station GB4HSC (Oxford Spires District Centenary Camp) along with Terry (G0LUQ) & my Dad (M3JFM) I’ll be posting more information regarding this later on this weekend.